I truly believe that every photographer offers something different, we all have a unique vision and style. We all have our niches, interests, passions and so much of ourselves is reflected in our work. That's why I think it's important to get to know the person that you will be spending time with. 

There have been many moments in my life that have led me to pursue photography but it wasn't until the past year or so that I realized photography is more than just a job for me, it is one of my greatest loves and nothing makes me happier than when I can share that love with my clients. I still pinch myself sometimes because this 'job' is quite literally a dream come true but getting here hasn't come without a lot of hard work and sacrifice. I didn't just pick up a camera one day and decide to charge people to take their photos because I figured out manual mode, in fact it's taken me years to feel comfortable calling myself a photographer and a lot of time figuring out exactly what images I wanted to create and put out there for the world to see. 

I've really honed in on my niche this past year and I've realized that my hear lies in growing families. I love helping expectant moms feel beautiful, seeing my clients become parents again and again, watching your elation as you study your newest member. I love watching families play with one another, the belly laughs, tickle fights and I love getting to know each one of you while trying to capture who you are. There is just something about watching families love on one another that makes my heart so happy and I continually feel so honored to be able to capture even a tiny piece of your life for you.

I've spent the past 5 years taking courses and learning not only how to capture quality professional images but also how to post process your images and how to deliver products that my my families are happy with. Currently I am mentoring with Kirsten Lewis, one of the best documentary family photographers in the world and I can not wait to see where this takes me in 2018.

My goal in any session is to create images that elicit an emotional response (whether it be happy nostalgia or a little pang of sadness) and images that accurately represent your family at the current stage in your lives.

My Inspiration

 I am fortunate enough to have two little kids of my own (Age 2 and 5) who inspire me every day to slow down, to live in the moment and to notice little details. I'm also married to a wonderful man who continually supports my dreams and goals, I wouldn't be where I am today without my family.


Fun Facts

I love writing lists and I'm a journal addict, I always carry at least one or two in my purse.

I keep a stash of candy in my car all the time and I will forever regret the day I turned my oldest forward facing because now I have to share.

I love wine and spending quality time with people who add value and happiness to my life

I was born and raised in Prince Edward Island and although Alberta is now my home, I will always feel like an Islander.

I've never been to Disney world OR Disneyland

I love to support local businesses, I try my best to buy cruelty free and eat plant based

I love animals (dogs and cows are my favorites though)

I love my friends like family, cry over everything (even when I'm mad) and my empathy is my greatest strength but also my biggest weakness.


Project(s) I’m currently working on…
A longer term documentary ‘childhood unplugged’ series (more to come in a blog post soon)