Connor Newborn

There is nothing sweeter than a brand new baby. I always knew I wanted to work with Children, when going through nursing school my heart was in pediatrics. I preceptored (did my on the job training) in pediatrics but when I moved to Lethbridge I wanted to expand my nursing skills so I took a job on an adult medical/surgical floor and haven't been back to paediatrics since. Now the thought of looking after sick kids scares me a little so it doesn't come as much of a surprise to me that newborn photography is my favourite. 

I take a non traditional approach to newborn photography, you won't see any fancy posing from me just clean, simple photos highlighting your newest member's little features and moments with all of you together because connection is the #1 thing I strive to capture. I will probably never have a studio because I feel like there's something special about going into the home of my growing families in those early days, as if capturing a moment in time that is so fleeting. It's so relaxed and intimate and I just love it so much because not only are the parents more relaxed but so are the babies. It's quite a bit more work for me but the images I'm able to produce in an in home newborn session are so worth it. 

One of my latest newborn sessions was a dream. Candace and Cody were so relaxed and graciously welcomed me into their home. They didn't even bat an eyelash when I moved their furniture all over the place to set up a space to photograph baby Connor. 

There is something so sweet about the first baby and watching my clients become parents. The shift was so evident in Candace and Cody and it was so heartwarming to watch their excitement and obvious love for this sweet little boy.