Eng Fresh 48

There are no moments more precious or fleeting than those first days with your newborn. I can still remember the lotion I wore when I was in the hospital with my first born and every time I smell it the memories come flooding in. Unfortunately I hardly have any photos of those early days with her. In those early days emotions are running high and the time goes so quickly, the days blend with the nights and you hardly have time to bottle the moments up in your memory for safe keeping. 

I stumbled upon a few photos I hadn't edited from my son's early days in the hospital and it dawned on me, I want to be able to capture those early days and memories for others'. Fresh 48 sessions are taken within the first 48 hours after birth (while still in hospital) I want to be there to capture your loved ones meeting your newest member for the first time, siblings meeting for the first time and your sweet sleepy newborn as tiny as they'll ever be. 

I had my first fresh 48 session a couple of weeks ago and I can already tell that these sessions are going to be some of my favourite, I even teared up a bit watching this big brother love on his new best friend. Gahh, the sweetness... photographing all these babies make me want 10 more. Anyway, enjoy :) This session will make you want 10 more too!