Kaella and London's Story: Lethbridge Lifestyle Family Photographer

When I started photography a few years ago I wasn't sure which direction I wanted to go so I did it all. From couples to seniors, babies and families, I even shot a wedding in the beginning... but somewhere along the way I lost my spark and my passion. About a year ago I came to a major crossroad, did I want to continue to pursue this passion or did I want to just continue to photograph my own family as a hobby?

After some soul searching I realized that I just wasn't good at doing it all. I'm an incredibly emotional person so in order to produce images that I was proud of I had to be photographing moments I was passionate about photographing. So instead of doing all the things I now focus on what I'm good at and pour my heart and soul into that. 

So what am I passionate about? Regardless of what I'm photographing it comes down to this, capturing real authentic emotional connections, that effortless love between families, the kind that you can't pose. The in between moments and the memories that you don't even realize the importance of until you see them captured through my lens. 

Documentary photography is where I can capture the best real life moments and that is why I offer these kinds of sessions. Family Story Sessions typically last about 6 hours and they are completely unposed, I'm more or less like a fly on the wall although I do interact with you throughout the day. Included in my Family Story Sessions is a pre-consult meeting where I will go over the process, pricing and session info. (in person because I like to meet your family before the day) then I will send you a couple of questionnaires that are crucial for you to fill out because they help me prioritize what's important to you, they also help me build your families story book after the session.

Today I am sharing Kaella and London's story. I can't think of a better pair to have spent the day with, I've always admired Kaella and London's relationship and prayed one day I could have a son to share a bond like they have with. Capturing their love for one another was truly effortless and I just had so much fun with them. 

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As I mentioned before, included in these sessions is a "Family Story Book" Below I'm just going to show a few images from Kaella and London's story, my favourite pages :) If you want to see more of it you can follow along with me on Instagram where I will be sharing more of their book in my stories. 

If you're interested in more info on my family story sessions or pricing you can email me, I would love to work with you and your family!