Puddle Jumping: Lethbridge Family Photographer

Some of you may not know this about me, but I used to be a blogger. Six months ago I decided I wanted to take my photography career to another level but in order to do that I had to let go of a lot of other things in my life, my blog being number one. 

Initially this decision felt so right, I felt this huge weight off of my shoulders and dove head first into working busily with client sessions. I still feel like this was the right decision but I do miss sharing our life and documenting it for my children. So when I can I will share some of the photos I take of them, they're completely un-posed, authentic images, I never tell my kids to look at my camera, in fact, most times I don't think they even know it's there.

My little guy, Bodhi, was such a late walker. Earlier in the year it was raining and I let Scarlett play in the puddles, at the time Bodhi was still crawling and incredibly upset that I wouldn't let him sit in the puddles. Fast forward to about a month and a half ago when he took his first steps (at 18 months) and I promised him we would go buy him a new pair of boots to splash in puddles with. We went to the store and he fell in love with these cute little yellow boots with geometric print on them and as luck had it, it rained only a few days later! 

It was the perfect rain because the streets accumulated just the right amount of water before the sun came out and it was warm enough to jump in puddles while in shorts. I rounded them up and we walked to the back alley where they filled their boots (literally) with muddy puddles! 

...and because I know someone is going to ask. Yes, I got soaking wet taking these, like any good photographer I was laying in the puddles for the perfect shot.

I love doing little mini sessions like this with my little ones! When you book a documentary session with me these are the kinds of memories I want to capture for you too. They truly are the moments that we will forget if they're not documented and writing about them helps me to preserve the details as they were.