My People: Lethbridge Family Photographer

When I married my husband I had no idea the kind of Father he would be, I mean, I knew that he would make a good dad, but in my wildest dreams I never imagined he would exceed any and all of my expectations. 

Sometimes I sit back and watch him with our kids and honestly don't know how I can measure up. I mean I know that i'm a good mom and I love them fiercely but his ability to let go of his own selfish desires (like taking 30 minutes away from playing ponies to be an adult) and just be with them is admirable. I can honestly say we are a match made in heaven in the parenting department because I have no patience for playing ponies and he will play for hours with Scarlett. Sometimes I wonder who is having more fun ;)

His patience with them is inspiring and it's a good thing because I have yet to see the man raise his voice in the 9 years we've been together, but when he uses his stern dad voice to get his point across Scarlett states that he is "hurting her feelings" (if she only knew how lucky she is) 

I don't think there is anything more inspiring, more raw and real than the love between a parent (mom or dad) and their children. It's the reason I started documenting Motherhood through my Motherhood Story Sessions and the reason I felt a pull toward a more documentary style of photography. In an effort to not only strengthen my storytelling skills but to preserve our families memories I want to document his story. 

I picture this story lasting a lifetime and it's something I'm so excited about, I only wish I had started when both of my kids were babies... but it's never too late.